Invocations Invocations
The fiber works in Invocations express ideas about transcendence in the yoga spiritual tradition.

The paper weavings started as a response to those suffering and dying from the Covid-19 pandemic. I cut strips of mulberry paper on which I wrote 20 invocations of the name of God from five major spiritual traditions. I wrote these invocations and tied them to a metal grid in my backyard day after day. I continue to do so. And more work is underway. There are thousands of strips. After weathering, the strips are removed, glued together and woven into a kind of elegy to those families affected by the virus.

As I was writing the slips on top of paper, I noted that the ink bled through the mulberry paper. Using that technique, I created the series of ink and water color pieces. I combined the prayer slips and the writing technique for "In The Beginning."

Earth Elements Earth Elements
In the Fall of 2010, visitors to Matzke Fine Art & Sculpture park were given an opportunity to write Prayers For Our Mother (Earth) on strips of rice paper.  These strips were tied into the Japanese maples in the park and weathered some months there. After the installation was dismantled, I stored the prayer slips away awaiting inspiration. Every Particle Is a Mirror now incorporates the prayers from the 2010 installation into a piece dedicated to the unity of all things in the universe.  Some of the strips are also used to create the eggs in Sanctuary, Nest For One and Sanctuary, Nest For Many.

Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
The "science" of alchemy is about transforming base metal into silver and gold. Metaphysical alchemy is about transforming our accumulated wisdom into spiritual enlightenment.  As our physical bodies begin to age, we undergo this precious transformation.  In Metamorphosis, each vessel celebrates the transcendent passage from youth to old age and our beautiful transformation to gold.

Individual maple and willow leafs are made using free-motion and hand embroidery to construct a fragile form of sewing thread and jewelers wire.  Three or more leafs are then constructed into a vessel. The coloration of the vessels refers to the three stages of alchemy:  Albido for whitening (silvering) and washing away of impurities; Citrinitas, for transmutation of silver to gold and the dawning of light; and Rubedo for ending the alchemy and for release into the spiritual self.

Life Goes On Life Goes On
The Life Goes On Series was inspired by Finding Home. The 14" x 14". framed pieces consist of images that measure about 6.5"x 6.5".  These pieces are layered to create depth and shadow.  The lower layer is a topographical map sewn on tulle.  The upper layer is an image based on a form of lichen.  All are created using thread and employing free motion embroidery.

Finding Home Finding Home
Finding Home, completed in late 2012, is a work about recovery from trauma.  I have frequently used representations of maps, landscape and lichens in my embroidery.  I wanted to use lichens in this work because they are often the first life form to colonize the landscape.  They create the foundation upon which other organisms will flourish.  The lichens seemed a powerful symbol of regrowth in an environment seemingly scoured of life, but where the smallest of wind-born spores can regain a foothold.

Cascadia Cascadia
The Cascadia series is inspired by living and working in the Pacific Northwest. I am particularly drawn to the rain forests and the lichens and mosses that cling to every surface. The repetition of tiny growth patterns create pattern and texture on a grand and spongy scale.

Lichen Studies Lichen Studies
These studies of patches of lichen, initiated in 2010, give me a format to evaluate shape, color and texture for larger projects.  The successful 3" x 3" pieces, featured here, are exhibited as nine studies within a frame.

Of Eyes Of Eyes
The Of Eyes series explores color and pattern in a small, jewel-like format. For me, the eyes - whether animal or human - are tiny, abstract landscapes where the dark pupil is a gateway to something beyond.

Other Works Other Works
Occasionally I will try different mediums. This work offers more of a social statement.

Drawings Drawings
These pen and ink drawings of lichen give me a chance to study pattern and texture preparatory to creating work in thread.

Fiber artist creating fine art works